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Letter to Aaksa

To Aaksa,

Apart from all the criticism that I can bombard up on you, won’t stop me from presenting my appreciation towards this novel. Saphy relived her memories without a doubt. By the end of the novel, not only did Emma find herself, but in the process Saphy also found her lost self, her comical, spontaneous, innocent yet responsible self. She did not really want to end the story as she was living in a parallel dimension, one that had been absent and dormant for quite some time.The character reflected the image of the past, which was once a vivid reality, now blur and somewhat fading away. All the intricate details can only be understood completely by Emma and Saphy. To the others, they may just be details of some sort, but to these two characters, they are not just mere details, but a part of their actual lives. It is always a blessing to have a person remember all the details, while the other strives to think of the recent past events. A flood of tears I was holding back as in the reality Emma was reminding Saphy of her lost past.

The chapters, characters and events are weaved in so smoothly that the reader says ‘oh I totally forgot about that character!’  The second half of the novel fired my tired eyes, yet they could not be satisfied to the novel reached to its last and ultimate page. Congratulations as maturity was revealed in the style of the writing, plot, character building and the complex chronology of the novel.The touched emotions forced me to pick up a pencil and write on this paper.


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