I Write, Poetry


A day spent without him
Feeling of lament covers.
Connections he makes with
Objects bizarre and links them up with hearts and aches.
Difficult but easy to love
Crazy frequently follows him,
Waves touch his soul
His zodiac reflects him all
Qualities boundless in him
Speaks with a clear mind
Heart he holds of gold
Unemotional yet filled with emotions
Scared of heartbreaks he is
And commitment not his thing
Girls all around him yet
His heart searches for something more
Thinking about him in my mind
Blankness around, why I wonder
He fills my night with dreams
Honey I am to him seldom
Not influenced by him but
His feels makes me melt
Like I am ice to his tea
Normal is not at all his thing
Intimate that moment was
When he first touched me
The first time his lips brushed
Awoke the monster inside, I killed
Is it me or him, drawing towards?
Swinging from the bridge I am
Beneath, waters shallow
Holding on tight, not to tight too
His carefree life smells,
Freedom under my nose
Free bird who loves water
Beautiful he is inside
Only to spend some more
To invest some more
Maybe, a little more time
To feel him deeper
If only he would let me
Dig a little more
Inside his heart red
With curiosity want to find out
What he keeps locked
Under the name of work
Under his algorithms
Under his various logicboxes
If only I knew the password
The key to his mind
Something that would tell
Why generosity in him resides
Something that could define
Why likeness for him grows
Something that could tell
What he did to me
Untill then just pondering
Loving where we are
His ways of being the same
While covered around I am with blankness.



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