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A Tribute To My Nana

I remember it was only a while ago when we all were kids and used to run around Nana playing. Time flew too fast and we are now standing today on this day where all we are remembering are his memories.
My Nana was a truly a beautiful person when ever we had a problem we would run to him and say ” Nana dua kardo” . Him praying for us would be assuring enough for us and everything would seem fine after that.
Overwhelmed by emotions the other day, thinking about his life with us. I came up with a short poem which I want to dedicate to him as a tribute to my Nana.
A life like his!
It was only a month before
when my grandmother went.
Little did I know
Another storm awaited
My Nana left me too
Had I known, that grandparents
Were precious. Only to
Realise that, after they were all gone.
Nana, a true Christian was.
With a beautiful soul and
Equally wonderful heart.
Giving was all he did throughout his life.
Never had I seen him worried,
Nor ever troubled, his voice I Heard
Always in prayers and hymns.
His hands always joined together.
With a family of 14, he grew.
From his father, he learned and inherited.
Passed it on to his children 4.
A legacy he created, with all that he had.
A soldier in prayer and a true lover of God
My Nana was a man virtuous of all.
Praising and worshipping was his favourite deed.
Taught it all to whoever he would meet.
United he is with his brothers in heaven
A wondrous place to be in after all.
Although a loss huge it is.
But with that hope, we will meet him again
When it’s all done, the works of the world
When it’s our time to also go.
When Christ will come marching On
My Nana would be smiling walking along.
What a beautiful promise God made
For us to meet all of those we lost again.
Such a wonderful love had never seen
If you met my Nana you would feel.
Suffered a lot throughout
But always thanked the Lord.
Never complained about his pain
Still wearing his beautiful smile, he took it all in.
Privileged I feel to be his granddaughter
Because no one was, as my Nana.
We all will miss him dearly.
After all, a great father, a good Dada, an awesome Nana, a wonderful friend and companion he was to many.
Revelation 14:13, And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.



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