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A day spent without him Feeling of lament covers. Connections he makes with Objects bizarre and links them up with hearts and aches. Difficult but easy to love Crazy frequently follows him, Waves touch his soul His zodiac reflects him all Qualities boundless in him Speaks with a clear mind Heart he holds of gold… Read More Blankness

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What Sonali Said

“I found something about myself searching for the Lost Callahan” I have always had an apparent interest in reading and so I one day came across this very new novel named the Lost Callahan. On the first place I kept wondering why lost, and then this curiosity compelled me to buy this book. Ever since… Read More What Sonali Said

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Letter to Aaksa

To Aaksa, Apart from all the criticism that I can bombard up on you, won’t stop me from presenting my appreciation towards this novel. Saphy relived her memories without a doubt. By the end of the novel, not only did Emma find herself, but in the process Saphy also found her lost self, her comical,… Read More Letter to Aaksa